French Internet City Label have been attributed
The most dynamic local authorities for citizen Internet have been awarded the "Internet City Label".
Le Journal du Net
The web eases small business daily business
The Bureaux et Commerces magazine incites SME to use the Internet on a regular basis and puts forwards benefits they can get.
Carrefour breaks new ground by promoting its operations online
Carrefour has opened a mini-site fore the launch of its operation called "The Carrefour Month" ("Le Mois Carrefour").
Static, dynamically published and dynamic: 3 web sites generations
EVERYDECK : a large variety of applications for useful dynamic web sites
Whatever the type of web site you are planning for your organization (see A web site, what for and how?), some basic principles are necessary to keep in mind if you want your site to attract visitors and to keep them coming back.
Customers loyalty
Client support
Additional services:
 Multi-pages version 

Provide your visitors with updated and extensive information: company news, market news, special reports, useful links' directory, jobs' offers...

Let your site be a tool for your visitors: for instance, provide a database of products information and directions for use, manage an online questions & answers service, offer an email service...

Adapt information and services to the different target audiences of your site: clients, prospects, applicants, etc. have different needs. You must define the expectations of each type of audience on your site in order to organize its content and ergonomics.

Collect information on your visitors: the minimum is to know your site's visitors' frequency in order to calculate your return on investment. But you can also collect qualitative information for marketing and canvassing use.

Thanks to Novadeck Content Management Platform 1.0 features, web sites constructed with Everydeck apply these basic rules in a simple and efficient way. Applications are various: you can freely determine your specific needs with the Novadeck team and construct your own template. Below a few examples:



Thanks to its editing, updating and sorting functions, Everydeck can create applications managing all types of content:

news articles (magazines),
products information,
studies and white papers,
jobs offers,
useful links directories, bibliographies,
companies or people directories,


Syndication is an automatic exchange of articles between various web sites whether managed or not on the Everydeck platform. It is a very handy way to feature recent and numerous pieces of news without having to constantly post and update content. For instance, the portal of a brand can import articles featuring local information from the site of a branch of its network. In reverse, points of sale can also publish on their site corporate information collected from the brand's site.


It is possible to define several users groups with different administration rights (submission, moderation, correction, deleting, etc.), and to allocate to these groups distinct roles in the publication process. For instance, in a firm, several editors (one per department) can suggest news articles to a moderator, whose role is to accept or refuse the publication in the News section of the site. If necessary, he can ask the editor to amend the article. There can be as many moderators as sections; an editor can have rights on one or more sections of the same site, or on several web sites which share the same group of users.

Multi-format publication

Content entered on an Everydeck site can be simultaneously published on display devices using different display formats: HTML for the web site, WAP for mobiles, etc. The publication of one article on various and heterogeneous supports henceforth results from a single action.


Multi-levels comments

Users can add comments on an article published on the site and answer to an existing comment. Articles are hierarchically ordered, like in a newsgroup. Comments are a useful mean to develop interactivity with the visitors. It is a way to know their opinion and reactions to a topic, a specific product. As such, comments need to be used with care.


With a rating system, users can give a mark to an article or a comment. It is then possible to sort articles by mark (see the principle) in order to publish in first position the most interesting contributions.

Polls, quizzes

Visitors can express themselves on the site by taking part in polls and quizzes. Results can be displayed in real time and their votes are immediately counted. Polls and quizzes can be used for marketing purposes, but they are also entertaining, and can be an incentive for the visitor to come back on the site, for instance by asking witty questions.

Customers loyalty

1to1 Personalization

A web site can address various audiences : clients, prospects, journalists, different categories of clients (adults, teenagers, etc., etc.), etc. In order to address each of them with relevant information and services, it is possible to ask the visitors to define their profile by creating a personal account. Specific content and design can then be adapted to the profile of the connected user; special offers in accordance with its interests are then displayed.


A specific module gives to Everydeck web sites managers the possibility to create and manage newsletters in order to keep a regular contact with their visitors. Mailing lists are a useful customer loyalty tool which drive users to the web site (for instance by making special offers, publishing last new or last jobs offers, etc.).

It is also possible to combine these two functions for personalized emailing, i.e. to send information corresponding to specific criteria indicated by the users ("push").

Client support

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Forums

FAQ and forums are interactive tools useful for online client support. Clients can ask questions directly to a member of the company or exchange comments with other customers to share tricks, advices regarding a product, etc.


The visitor can directly get in touch with the organization or the firm with forms available on the site (via e-mail). He receives a personalized answer on specific topics (information, documentation, precise request, etc.).



Everydeck enables the creation of dynamic catalogs with professional features. Catalogs become real promotion means for the company's products and services. Pictures, animated images, hyperlinks and files (in any format: PDF, Flash demos, etc.) can be linked to a description. It is possible to sort the descriptions according to several criteria, or to search them by keywords. If the company is ready to devote organizational and logistic means for e-commerce, it can link to the catalog a caddie system, online order tracking and online payment. Intranet, extranet, secured sections The Everydeck platform can be used to create all sorts of web sites: shop-windows sites, marketing sites, e-shops, intranets, extranets, etc. It is also possible to restrict access to some parts of public web sites. Secured access procedures restrict access to authorized users only. Thus, a company can develop an intranet with groupware sections (espace de travail collaborative), a calendar and a shared directory, a common database for documents and procedures, or an extranet available to clients and providers where they can access dedicated information. A private section on a web site cans be dedicated to the members of a community or an organization or to the editors of the web site to serve as a place for discussion (contributions and comments) and documentation sharing.

Additional services:

To answer specific needs, Everydeck can integrate specific functions developed by specialized partners. For instance:

dynamic maps, itineraries
news feeds (dispatches, weather broadcast, financial information, TV programs, classifieds, etc.
ad banners management
tracking (advanced statistics)

sales (arobase)
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